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The Macci teaching philosophy is considered one of the finest training methods in the tennis world. Rick’s ability to motivate his students is truly in a class of its own.

Kim Clisters and Sonia KeninKim Clisters and Sonia Kenin

The teaching methodology at the Macci Academy is so cutting edge and light years ahead of the competition. Rick Macci has always been a pioneer and leader in new ideas, new drills, and new ways to communicate and explain exactly what is going on to help students maximize their ability. At the Academy, with one of the world’s top coaches (in Rick) and one of the world’s top stroke analysis experts (in Brian Gordon, PhD.) and a fitness program used by many professional sports teams and athletes…you can see why the Macci Philosophy provides the best on and off court development in the industry.

rick_kids_gabby_newThis Team Family Approach is positively reinforced daily to create a healthy flow of communication for the people that care and are most influential to the student … the parents and coach.

Off the court, regular social family gatherings with the RMTA staff are welcome breaks from the arduous path of becoming the best you can be. Students, parents, and other family members are always welcome to create fun and camaraderie for all students at the Academy. This pleasant, relaxed change of pace provides balance and creates stability given the intense training environment for the students. It is a critical element to the creation of a healthy athletic competitor.

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