The Rick Macci teaching system is a 20th century, cutting edge, proven paradigm, of player development for all ages and levels. 

Off the court, regular social family gatherings with the RMTA staff are welcome breaks from the arduous path of becoming the best you can be. Students, parents, and other family members are always welcome to create fun and camaraderie for all students at the Academy. This pleasant, relaxed change of pace provides balance and creates stability given the intense training environment for the students. It is a critical element to the creation of a healthy athletic competitor.

Rick's WINNERS AND LOSERS Teaching Philosophy

Winners Losers
A real winner is a super positive person A loser thinks he is super but he is really negative
A real winner has desire and hustle A loser has no desire to hustle.
A real winner is special, unique, and different in how he acts A loser can’t get an act together to be special, unique and different.
A real winner believes and tries so hard to achieve A loser feels he has achieved
A real winner explains A loser has no explanation
A real winner makes commitments A loser makes promises
A real winner say, “i’m good, but not as good as i want to be.” A loser says, “I’m not as bad as a lot of players.”
A real winner finds a way. A loser makes an excuse.
A real winner will make mistakes and admit it. A loser makes mistakes and says, “It wasn’t my fault.”
A real winner credits good luck for winning, even though it isn’t luck A loser says, “I had bad luck”, even though it isn’t bad luck
A real winner understands the mind is either for you or against you A loser’s mind is already against him.

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