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  • 1. The Revolutionary Next-generation World-class Forehand
  • 2. The Rock Solid 2021 Two Handed Backhand
  • 3. How To Hit And Connect The Dots For An Amazing Serve
  • 4. The Hidden Secrets To Crisp Volleys
  • 5. The 5 Staples Of Delivering A World-class Overhead
  • 6. That Never Before Explain Keys To The One-handed Backhand
  • 7. Mental Toughness Gold Nuggets
  • 8. How To Be A Hall Of Fame Coach
  • 9. How To Train Your Mind By Flipping
  • 10. The Secret Sauce To Training The Split Step
  • 11. An Athlete's Best Friend Imagination
  • 12. The One-handed Backhand Slice
  • 13. Mandatory 2021 Forehand Slice
  • 14. The Artistic Little Motor Skills
  • 15. Not A Wrong Way But A Better Way It's All Situational
  • 16. Grips Determine Rips
  • 17. Dance And Prance With The Right Stance
  • 18. The World #1 Motivator, Motivates You And Your Students
  • 19. Chess Not Checkers! Strategy From The Legendary Coach
  • 20. Swing Volleys Airmail 101
  • 21. How To Build A Player
  • 22. Return To Sender, World-class Return Of Serve Technique
  • 23. Follow Through On This! Corrective Techniques You Never Heard
  • 24. The Art Of Communication The World's #1 Teaching Methodology
  • 25. Rick's Award-winning Teaching Techniques
  • 26. Navigating Junior Tennis
  • 27. Being A Great Tennis Parent
  • 29. Being A Better Competitor
  • 30. I Love Pressure
  • 31. The Serving Option
  • 32. Understanding The Geometry Of The Court
  • 33. Forehand Details
  • 34. Backhand Variations
  • 35. Mastering the Drop Shot
  • 36. Using the Top Spin Lob
  • 37. Take the Temperature of the Match
  • 38. Winning & Losing
  • 39. Mental Objectives 101
  • 40. Positivity 'Deluxe'

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  • USPTA Hall Of Fame Coach
  • 7-time USPTA Coach of the Year
  • 8 Grand Slam Champions
  • 5 Number 1 Ranked World Champions
  • 311 USTA National Titles and Counting

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