What EVERYONE is saying about Rick sharing his perspective on meeting and coaching Venus and Serena Williams in the early 90’s!!

Rick I saw the epic interview you did like I always tell people I know you are the most underrated coach in the world and for me the best one!  I agree with Mr Williams on that your better then Bolletierri.

People who play real tennis know how important your guidance was in their development. Now you watch and wait when the movie comes out the academy will explode!

This is the greatest interview ever!!!!
uNtameable aNgel

This is such a heartfelt brutally honest story. Thank you for sharing this and your wise words of wisdom. You’re so genuine and you have many blessings coming your way. You’re such an amazing person, mentor and tennis coach. The GOAT
Becky Center

One of the most honest interviews i ever seen. Great guy. Much respect.
Simma Yu

Well worth the one hour and twenty-five minutes. A riveting American story, but every story has more than one side and I appreciate you telling yours Rick.
Thank you for coaching and contributing to the Williams family. 🧡
ME Angelia Denise

What a great story. He seems such an honest genuine guy. So glad he helped Richard and the girls. He knew. The rest is history!

Absolutely amazing… great interview…
Clint C Brantley

What a great guy and coach! I hope he made back his investment and more.

Wow! What a contribution and commitment. Glad to hear about this. A lot of work and money.
parson 1

13 minutes in and I wanna ugly cry man. What a fxckin story.
Graduated Money

Would have been nice if the world acknowledged him. The fathers letter was so wonderful.

This is a fascinating story regarding the father and his vision. Rick Macci was amazing.
s jones

I’m crying now…this is so beautiful!
Ann Johnson

Macci is partly responsible for the success of a lot of stars. He has made a difference.
Rider skater

Wow, what a great interview. Lots to learn in this interview.
Daniel Okoro

I love this interview soooooo much.
Great informative interview.
Mangos and Pineapples

Amazing story, well told. You’re a great guy.

amazing Rick you are a true coaching legend…and coaches know how much you developed the girls. You nailed it at the end when you talked about the early years. I believe the MOST important coach every tennis player has is probably between 7 to 14…because if you don’t have world class strokes by 14 you have zero chance. Take a bow mate
Crunch Time Coaching

the fact he still took the time to be around someone outside of his wealth circle speaks volume. he helped change the tennis game as well. he is apart of their success

He saw GREATNESS and cultivated it. Richard CREATED it, and Rick fine tuned it. This man knew tennis but he was also a friend who cared.
Knowledge Equips

What a legend Macci Thank you for being a part of the that brought us the legendary amazing iconic humans
Mavis Bonsu

This man is an angel! God bless him.
Myrna Stallworth

A great story. Good he saw and believed their father. A very good man and a historian.
Adaku Ugwumba

There is no question that he was a pivotal instrumental part of their journey, they have to admit this it was an important time this transition and training and hosting them.
xiomana xoxoxo

Wow amazing story
Justin Nguyen

Rick I wish the tennis world is color blind as you back in this days. Glad it all end up working for all. Love the fact he is all included in the movie
Berhe Serekeberhan

What riveting an interesting rendition from someone who sat with Richard Williams in the driving seat. Very good storyteller. I really enjoyed it. I hope he had some input in the ‘King Richard’ film which is about to be released.
phyllis simon

Wow how about that narration… I can literally picture every word you’re saying… this interview is the best interview ever… the best players with the best coach/storyteller…. everything is top tier 🔥🔥

Wow!! I’m so taken back. Truly amazing you are a legend !!!!
Stephen Afliet

ALL the glory to Almighty God!! Plus, the determination of a father who wouldn’t give up in spite of the insidious opposition’s they faced!! Thank you Mr Macci for believing in the Williams family!
Gina Mitembe

Great interview. Coach Rick is not bitter, what a powerful story. I love how he celebrates Richard even though things were not always wonderful.

It takes a team to make a champion. I hope the movie gives due credit to Rick Macci. It’s not all about the money. Gratitude, King Richard!
David H Lin

Such a cool story ! Rick is the Man !!! Good luck in future

Beautiful said Mr. Macci. You are an amazing coach and person, love the positive input that you have about everything. Thank you.
Claudia Skaggs

Macci made it happen. Richard fed the balls. How can someone who knows nothing about tennis teach tennis? Make it make sense. King Richard yes.. Richard deserves his flowers. He’s a good motivator and dad. But Rick deserves flowers too!! He never got credit especially after all he did for them not just financially
Ryan Habes

Great as the father was, if it wasn’t for the exposure by this guy, I don’t think they would’ve gone far.
This is why the father got him on board.
Marilyn Smart

What a great pairing of amazing visionaries, “A Father, and A Coach”!
Allen Hudson

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