RMTA Sports Psychologist

Dr. Christine Hiler will be providing sport psychology services to interested athletes at the Rick Macci Tennis Academy. Sport psychology does for the mind what fitness training does for the body and tennis instruction does for technique. Areas commonly targeted with athletes are:

  • performance enhancementhiler
  • Confidence building
  • Focus on technique
  • Effectively handling pressure
  • Increasing commitment
  • Goal setting
  • Time and stress management


For the past six years she was the official team psychologist at American Twisters Gymnastics. Conducted individual and group sessions to teach the athletes the basic principles of sport psychology and how to apply them in practice and in competition. This training helped the athletes to not only be more successful in outcome, but to also enjoy their practices and competitions at a higher level. Specifically, the sport psychology techniques helped these athletes to build their confidence, improve communication with their coaches, increase the efficiency of their training, enhance their ability to perform under pressure situations, and stay positive and committed during injury or slumps in their training.

Dr. Hiler has over 10 years experience working with youths. She has worked with athletes of all ages in a variety of sports from beginner through elite levels. Her doctorate degree is from Nova Southeastern University and is a member of the American Psychological Association. In addition to professional training and experience, she has the practical knowledge of being a former athlete, coach, and parent of two highly competitive gymnasts. RMTA believes her unique background allows her to have good insight into what the athlete is experiencing. Her perspective is working with the athlete as a whole person and collaborating treatment with coaches and parents as needed to ensure that the athlete is set up for success to the highest degree possible. Treating the whole athlete, body and mind, with the help of his or her support system comprised of coaches, trainers, parents, and teachers often helps the child reach his or her fullest potential in tennis and in life.



Over the summer, she will be offering a 10-session package for $600. Sessions are one-on-one meetings lasting 30 minutes. Sessions will meet weekly. The time may be spent with just the athlete in a talk session or may be a combination of consulting with parents and coaches. Sessions will be conducted in an office at the academy and will include on-court observation and intervention when appropriate. Sessions will introduce the basic concepts of sport psychology and will be tailored to meet the individual needs of each athlete. Topics that will be addressed during the summer program include building commitment to the sport, goal setting, confidence building, and enhancing the efficiency of training through the use of sport psychology techniques.


Sessions will be scheduled directly with Dr. Hiler.

You can reach her via email at chiler24@att.net

Or call / text  at 954-242-1542.

Feel free to reach out to hear more about how she can help with your child’s tennis playing or if you want to learn more about her training, experience, approach or background.