More than $46 million in college scholarships have been awarded to RMTA students, Rick and his staff will help all players secure a school right for them. 

Over the past 40 years, Rick Macci and his staff have proven, both on and off the court, that RMTA students not only get better quicker, but achieve the premier endorsement opportunities worldwide.

Collegiate Opportunities

Rick will personally help each and every student get a college scholorship!

All players that attend Rick Macci Tennis Academy have a very unique opportunity to train at one of the top training environments in the world, with the games number one teaching methodology. 
They also have a unique opportunity to have Rick, personally on their behalf, contact by phone or email  coaches to visit the academy and have Rick recommend and help secure scholarships for all players who wants to attend a division 1, 2 or 3 college.

At almost every University in the United States, all college coaches know and respect Rick’s proven track record.


His recommendation is the gold standard to any college coach wishing to recruit a player.  Rick will personally help each and every player and parent attain a college scholarship. 

We will also help put together a unique eye popping video to show your child’s game and work will talk and explain why the player is a great fit for your program.

Rick Will Help All Players That Turn Professional with Unique Sponsorship Opportunities Through His Contacts and Global Outreach!

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