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Even if you don’t live in Florida, we still can assist you in meeting your fitness needs. We offer a variety of programs that are fully online and can be customized specifically to your individual needs. Below you will find several levels of customizations, and if you have any questions or are interested in something more specific, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Monthly Programs

Our monthly programs all include a 4 week training program sent at the beginning of every month. We offer varying levels of customization, depending on your goals and price range. Below you will see the different packages that we offer.


$ 50 Every Month
  • General 4 week training program
  • New program sent every month by email
  • Includes general training for all areas of fitness


$ 500 Every Month
  • Detailed questionnaire to assess needs and goals
  • Video analysis of specific movement patterns
  • Personalized 4 week program based on analysis
  • Specific needs and equipment availability assessed
  • Video explanations of all exercises in program
  • Unlimited email/phone support from coach


$ 150 Every Month
  • Individual questionnaire to understand athlete needs & goals
  • 4 week training program based on questionnaire
  • One weekly email or 15 min call
  • New plan sent at the beginning of every month

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