Macci & Gordon Video


In this ground breaking interview Rick Macci and Dr. Brian Gordon disclose for the first time to the public, the finding of years of research and training working and show you the exact way to perform the optimal stroke!

All explained step by step by the iconic teacher Rick Macci and world reknown biomechanist Dr. Brian Gordon in a sit down round table discussion the
tennis world is buzzing about.

The Perfect ATP Backhand

The Perfect ATP Forehand

The Perfect ATP Stroke

Dr. Brian J.Gordon, Ph.D
Tennis Biomechanics Researcher & High Performance Coach

Researcher in tennis stroke biomechanics and the founder of 3-D Tennis Technologies. He earned his Ph.D. in Sport Biomechanics at Indiana University. Brian’s academic and applied research in tennis stroke biomechanics led to a new system to understand and teach stroke mechanics. Known as the “Biomechanically Engineered Stroke Technique” (B.E.S.T.) system, it defines optimal technique from the perspective of the neuromuscular-skeletal system.

Optimal Stoke Mechanics


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One of the greatest tennis minds the past 40 years and sees everything through a different lens arguably the worlds number 1 tennis teacher, coach and mentor to all levels the past century. Rick explains everything crystal clear and tells you the why , not a symptom! He coaches the coaches and teaches the teachers.

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